WEBDEV, a powerful IDE for Internet, lets you easily and quickly build Internet and Intranet sites or applications that rely on live data, thanks to its total integration, ease-of-use and cutting-edge technology. WEBDEV can also generate PHP code. WEB 2.0 & Ajax.

(compatible with Windows, .net, Linux, Java, Window8, Web, Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad...)

In depth introduction to WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile.

Bewave offers presentations of his products on a regular basis. This presentation is offered in several cities across Quebec, along with other Canadian provinces and US states.

More than just a presentation of the products, those webinars are a great source of information about the software development market. Moreover they are an opportunity to share experiences with other developers and IT managers looking forward to speeding-up their development.

Those 3 hours seminars present each module and its strengths. A lot of time is dedicated to Q/A sessions throughout the seminar.

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